Let The Truth Be Told

In less than a month using Holler’s Market Feedback Loop and Testimonial Bank Builder, I got about 30 testimonials and 6 Google reviews, with an overall 4.8 star rating. While the positive reviews are always nice and important to have, I think the few that made suggestions for improvement have been even more important to my business.
Teri, Amherst, NHOwner of a Bookkeeping Service

From the beginning, I’ve been highly impressed with Jonn’s customer service on every level. He’s very responsive. He took the time to understand my organization’s needs and thought strategically about what services would work best for us. It wasn’t a cookie-cutter approach.

Grethen, Temple NHOffice Manager of a Farm

What can we do for your business?

We offer a systematic approach to contact your customers after your work has completed to garner feedback – positive and negative. If a client had a less than ideal experience it allows you to react before things boil over. If a client sings your praises, we can turn that into a testimonial or an online review.

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Why is customer feedback so important?

Customer feedback is a treasure trove of information for any business. And it has to be done right after the work completes, so everything is still fresh in everyone’s mind. When everything went great, you want to know. And if there are areas were you may want to change something, you may want to know also. By asking the customers, you show them that you value their opinion. Soliciting feedback will strengthen your customer relationships.

We Help Businesses Better Leverage Their
Previous Clients

Reputation is everything. Protect yours. If you’re like most business owners, you don’t just invest time and energy in your company; you invest your heart and soul in it, too. You work hard to make sure your clients always have a positive experience.

But there’s truth to the old saying that you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time. Eventually, you will have a dissatisfied customer. That may be because they had unreasonable expectations. It may be because you, or one of your employees, made a mistake that let to poor results for your client. The “why” doesn’t matter. What does matter is what happens next. Unhappy people vent, and these days, when social media makes everything so public, that venting can go viral if given the chance, doing damage to your reputation. Holler Marketing gives you the tools you need to keep that from happening.

We give you a way to easily collect feedback from all of your clients, both the many who are thrilled with your work and the inevitable few whose expectations weren’t met. That means you are the first to hear it if a client is unhappy – and that’s what you want. Yes, of course, it feels great to get positive feedback, and a lot less great if that feedback is negative. But, better to hear it from your customer directly than read it after the fact in a Yelp, Google, or Facebook review. Where you can’t delete it. Ever.

Giving a dissatisfied customer an outlet to air their frustration directly to you does two important things. First, it releases the pressure, making it less likely that they’ll take to the internet to flame you publicly. Second, it gives you the chance to make things right. And that could even convert a bad review to a good one.

But what if it doesn’t? What if, despite your best efforts, that client remains unhappy?

That’s where Holler Marketing’s ability to help you broadcast positive feedback comes into play. Because you have a simple way to collect reviews, you will have a stockpile of positive reviews. A “good reputation” bank, if you will. If you’ve used our easy-to-implement pipeline that encourages your clients to post their edited feedback on Yelp, Google, and Facebook, then your good reputation is already public. Now, a negative review is one unhappy voice among dozens of clients singing your praises. The sting is taken out of it. The impact to your reputation is much less than it would be if that negative review was the only thing that potential clients see when they search for you.

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