Testimonial Bank

The prettiest and most polished marketing materials in the world won’t be as effective as they could be if they aren’t backed by the words of satisfied clients. The most complete and fabulous service won’t get you new business unless potential clients know your reputation. After all, anyone can say they’re great. If someone else – or lots of people – say it, it becomes easier to believe. That’s why testimonials are so powerful. They let you say to potential customers, “Here, don’t take my word for it …”
Knowing that testimonials are important is one thing, though, and getting them is another. Every business owner has probably been there: after getting great feedback from a recently served client, you ask them for a testimonial. They want to help you. They say, “Of course!” And then the awkward dance begins, because they are busy, and they aren’t copywriters. They aren’t sure how to put their feedback into words. Their obligation hangs over them. Every time they see you, they are reminded they didn’t write the testimonial yet. Pretty soon, they’re avoiding you, and the next thing you know, they need your services again, but it’s so awkward by now that they go to your competitor instead. Now, something that was intended to help you has actually driven business away. This isn’t a scenario you can afford to play out too often.
Holler Marketing’s Testimonial Bank Builder service makes it easy for you to solicit testimonials. More importantly, we make it easy for your clients to help you. Building on our Marketing Feedback Loop service, we take client feedback and streamline it into a well-worded, easy to read, substantive testimonial.
We then encourage your clients to visit Google, Yelp and Facebook to leave you a 5-star rating with their customer experience.
The burden of following up after asking for a testimonial is lifted from your shoulders. The pressure of providing you with useful feedback is removed from your clients. And you gain a collection of testimonials that will demonstrate your credibility, give you invaluable market intelligence, and help you broadcast your awesomeness to potential clients.
Word-of-mouth is even more powerful when you Holler.